New here but not afraid to ask questions.

I am in the middle of some evals for a client who has asked to do some proof of concept work with Zimbra (they have had it with their Microsoft rep and are doing everything they can to reduce their annual maint with M$).

They have about 5 users they want to setup in a parallel domain but have asked if I can help them setup a "remote" test.

I've read the instructions about ZCS 5 and dynamic dns.
Setting up Zimbra using a dynamic IP - Zimbra :: Wiki

But what I am wondering about is if I can use a single server for everything.

I am assuming I setup my MX records like this: (single host for all services at as an example)


But for the MX record, I don't want to use my CNAME, correct?

Is there a more recent wiki or walk through that shows how this can be done? Not looking to setup a corporate website out there, just need to get a "quick and dirty" type of POC accomplished.