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Thread: Installing Zimbra on Ubuntu Edgy

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    Default Installing Zimbra on Ubuntu Edgy

    I'm currently installing Zimbra on Edgy (Server - DNS Server Option) on my domain with the hostname (All the required libraries are available in APT by the way, so you just apt-get install (req libs) and you're ready to go.. oh .. and to get to root use "sudo -s")

    I've updated the mx records to point to and i've checked to ensure that they do indeed point to and resolves to the network's IP and I've verified my Router config ports point to com.

    However it says that MX records for do not point to this host ( ? Displays
    MX: ( MY.IP

    Interface: MY.LOCAL.ADDR

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    Default Ps

    Oh... Its not going so well!
    Argh!! This is a huge pet peeve that i've had with every Mail Server installation.
    Once most of the install was done it showed me my spam and ham addresses as

    Its unprofessional to have all our addresses end in

    Since I have to start over anyway (from initial ubuntu server install)
    what considerations do I have to take into account to get the addresses read

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    judging by the fact that you've had this before tells me that it is a os issue.
    I bet your hostname is com

    type hostname, and hit return. What does it return?

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