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Thread: "Some services are not running" message after migrating to new server

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    Question "Some services are not running" message after migrating to new server

    Hi everybody. My Zimbra version is Zimbra 8.0.2_GA_5569 (build 20121210115059).

    I'm using Zimbra since a few months and I really love it.

    I just relocated installation to a new server using rsync to a centos6.3 server, keeping same hostname and ip.

    After setting permissions, all services start and the system can receive and send emails.

    If I enter zmcontrol status it shows all services as running but in the zimbra administration console I have the "Some services are not running" message.

    I think it's related to .ssh directory (maybe zimbra can't login with ssh).
    I disabled selinux and enabled notty login with visudo.

    I have rsyslog installed because syslog is deprecated in centos.

    Any suggestions?

    Are there any checks I can do to ensure the server migration went really alright?

    Thank you very much for your support.

    The stats in Admin Panel are OLD. They don't update like files can't be read. zimbra.log gets entries.

    UPDATE: I found empty dir /var/spool/cron/ - maybe I need to recreate zimbra cron tab but I don't know how.
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