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    Default Relay Problem


    I am just in the process of evaluating Zimbra OSS version 4.0.5 after having successfully and very quickly installed on Ubuntu 6.06 thanks to the fantastic guide by pacsteel I am left with one outstanding issue.

    I am just a home user with one catchall pop3 mail box with fetchmail picking up the post. I have defined a smart relay within Zimbra and the outgoing mail is working correctly through my ISP’s smtp sever. My problem is not with normal outgoing mail but with bounced mail. If I receive a message addressed to an unknown user at my domain the mail will correctly bounce but is unable to transmit a message to the original sender. I have checked the logs and see that the original senders isp is refusing the mail with the following error.

    Jan 5 12:53:05 zmail postfix/smtp[10090]: 1A453D1878: to=,[], delay=4, status=bounced (host[] said: 550 relaying mail to is not allowed (in reply to RCPT TO command))

    I understand that because my ip address is dynamic it would cause problems with some domains if I just chucked mail out in to the ether but I am sending my mail out through an NTL server so don’t really understand what is going on.

    Thanks in advance.


    Oh one last thing. Could someone confirm as to whether or not the outlook connector is available to use under the OSS license or is it purely for the commercial product? If it is available to use where would I find it?

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    Yes, the Outlook Connector is just for the NE (Network Edition i.e. paid for) version of Zimbra.

    The bounce is probably because the headers and//or IP addresses in the email are forged. I assume the mail has been returned to you? If that's the case just mark it as junk and they'll eventually disappear. If you don't want to do that just add a filter to your mailbox that drops those bounces. There's an upsurge (at least in my experience) since the new year of the 'bounced spam', I have a recollection that there was an article that forecast this rise - c'est la vie.

    PS Welcome to the forums. How's the NTL service since the merger with Telewest?


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    The mail as shown in the error log was actually sent by myself from my gmail account to my new Zimbra mail account. I intentionally sent the mail with an unknown name just to make sure that it bounced correctly which of course it didn’t. I will try sending the same from another on-line mail account to see if I get the same problem.

    Thanks for the info on the outlook connector; I am considering changing from Scalix who allow use of their connector for a limited number of accounts. The reason for the change is simply down to the Ubuntu support in Zimbra plus the wonderful browser interface.

    I have never had a problem with NTL and enjoy a pretty much constant 10 Meg connection. I haven’t noticed any difference in service although I read that some people have.



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    I am still having problems with mail that comes in to Zimbra addressed to an unknown recipient which then correctly bounces but the original sender does not get notified that this has occurred because the notification never leaves my system.

    The log file clearly shows that an error has occurred and that the original senders isp is preventing the message from entering the system because it believes that the mail is being relayed as follows:-

    an 5 12:53:05 zmail postfix/smtp[10090]: 1A453D1878: to=,[], delay=4, status=bounced (host[] said: 550 relaying mail to is not allowed (in reply to RCPT TO command))

    This is a home setup using fetchmail to collect mail from a single catchall / multidrop mailbox. This is working perfectly for all of my configured “known”addresses. Outgoing mail is sent out vial my isp’s smtp server which I have set within Zimbra’s admin console. All normal outgoing messages both new mails and reply to’s are dispatched from Zimbra and correctly received by the intended recipient and the log file reflects this.

    I am testing as follows:-

    3 mailboxes set up within Zimbra

    A Gmail account for testing incoming and outgoing mail to Zimbra

    I send a mail from to and and the message arrives ok. I repeat this by sending messages to and again successfully.

    I then send a message back to using the “reply to” button from each of the 3 mailboxes. I receive these messages back into ok.

    I repeat the last test but create new mails rather than using the “reply to” and again all is well.

    I then send a message from to . This mail address is not a valid “mydomain” mail account so is therefore unknown and correctly given a bounced status.
    At this point things go wrong and the point I start to get out of my knowledge depth! I would have thought that the bounced status code would be sent back to the sender in the same way in which my other outgoing mails are dispatched via the smart relay “” and it does make reference to that mail server in the log but it is doing something slightly differently.

    Again thanks in advance for any assistance.


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