Hello everybody,
this is driving me crazy.
I configured a test environment MS AD for testing purposes.
I have a windows DC with embedded DNS.
I installed a brand new 8.0.2 Zimbra appliance running on Ubuntu 10. This is actually my first big dubt: why ver 10?
After I cleared the appliance installation I got connected via browser and accessed the VAMI on port 5480. I then started a Single Node installation.
This went fine BUT when I try to access the Administration console on port 7071 I got no connection.

If I try zmcontrol start I got the well-known messagge:
"Unable to determine enabled services form ldap
unable to determine enabled services. Cache is out of date or doesn't exist"
as well as if I try zmcontrol status.

Additional info:
on DC DNS MX, A and PRT records are properly configured.

The /etc/hosts file is as follow: localhost.localadmin localhost zimbra.mydomain.local zimbra

the /etc/resolv.conf:

which is IP of my DC-DNS.

Please help on this. On the past I tried a ZCS installation with ver 8.0.1 on Ubuntu 12 and Zimbra was fantastic.
Now I am forced to use the appliace and I'm getting into this trouble since a couple of days.

Any help is highly appreciated.