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Thread: A request for a stop in rude and arrogant comments moderators?

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    Exclamation A request for a stop in rude and arrogant comments moderators?

    A request for a stop in rude and arrogant comments moderators?

    Hi -

    First off. This IS NOT a thread for discussion.

    This is just a casual, and cautionary, observation for the Zimbra moderators. I am new to Zimbra (Mac OSX) and I have had some install issues so I have been researching how to fix them here on the forum and in the install guide.

    I need to preface this by saying that I have been actively using the web since 1995, and other online services since the 1980's. I am not a computer expert by any degree (I am an archaeologist by trade) but I have routinely used forums and mailing lists to solve problems I have encountered with programs during these years. It is inevitable, and likely always be, human nature, for some people to put no effort into understanding how to use an app and jumping to a forum and asking naive questions.

    However, here on the Zimbra forums, I have read a number of threads where a user has posted a question, which *might* be answered in part in the instructions, or in another thread but often seems unique enough to warrant a new discussion or illumination on a detail. But in general the people posting on here are not complete nitwits, they are intelligent articulate users who run into a problem and are looking for help. What disturbs me is the number of antagonistic responses from Moderators and Special Members to these replies. These are responses, which with only a few minor semantic changes would not have appeared as harsh or antagonistic, and could have proven to be useful.

    Moderators and Special members you seem to be forgetting that this is all about open source. That means we work together. Yes you are going to see some questions over an over again, but in general there is a reason someone is asking a variation on something that has already been asked. A moderator needs to look at it from the users perspective. Is there a reason why this question has been asked several times? Maybe something is not as clear as it should be, etc...

    Zimbra looks like it might mature into a good suite of tools, but, in my opinion, the forum moderators needs to mature also.

    Be Nice.


    R. Joe

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    This thread is ripe for argument.

    This thread is closed. Any moderators who wish to comment may do so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wannabetenor View Post
    Any moderators who wish to comment may do so.
    As wel've already been told,
    Quote Originally Posted by yaxpac View Post
    This IS NOT a thread for discussion.
    Any response would seem to be a waste of time. Funny, I always thought a forum was a place for discussion.


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