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Thread: Installing on Amazon EC2 with Ubuntu and using FreeDNS

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    Default Installing on Amazon EC2 with Ubuntu and using FreeDNS

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to install Zimbra on an EC2 instance running Ubuntu 12.04LTS and my DNS is using FreeDNS (where I think the problem is). I tried using this guide: Split DNS - Zimbra :: Wiki but it didn't help. Also, I'm running Webmin for my server administration which may be part of the problem.

    The error I'm getting is similar to the Split server error I've seen many people get:

    ERROR: Installation can not proceeed. Please fix your /etc/hosts file
    to contain:

    Where is the ip address of the host,
    is the FULLY QUALIFIED host name, and
    is the (optional) hostname-only portion

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!



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    You haven'y actually provided any information with which we can tell you what's wrong and the error message tells you exactly what the problem is and what needs to be fixed. The information required in the hosts file is described in the error message and also in the Split DNS wiki article and in many threads in these forums, follow those instructions or the Split DNS article and modify your hosts file.


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