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    A while back, I attempted an installation of ZCS on an iSCSI volume that already had ZCS on it and had previously been mounted on another server. The install script did not care for my idea of an "upgrade" and unceremoniously deleted /opt/zimbra entirely. I had hoped that the install script would realize what I was trying to do and treat the installation as an upgrade, thus retaining my configuration, but that wasn't in the cards and I ended up with a fresh installation. No big deal, as there wasn't much to reconfigure. (the original installation was an eval)

    However, the outcome of my experiment makes me wonder under what other circumstances I could lose everything under /opt/zimbra... and with it, all mail and backups. As such, it occurs to me that it might be prudent to keep backups and message stores outside of /opt/zimbra. I do understand that it is not wise to install ZCS itself to another path, but it seems that the developers have anticipated, and provided for, the other things. Is there any reason why I would not want to have something like:

    /opt/zimbra (ZCS)
    /opt/zdata (store)
    /opt/zbackups (backups)

    Each of these would be a partition on an iSCSI volume, i.e. /dev/sdbx.

    Suggestions are welcome.



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    I can't see any reason why that partitioning system wouldn't be OK.

    With regards to the failed 'upgrade', what you need to do is first install a copy on zimbra on the new systems (same release/versions as the old one). When you've done that copy across the version from your old system to the new one, then re-install Zimbra. If you're intending to upgrade then that procedure should work with the exception that you just do an upgrade with a new release after you've got the original working. There's a few posts in the forums about moving/upgrading to a new system.


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    Hi, this has already been discussed in the forums if you search around. It was suggested to move the datastore out to /srv or /var to fit in a ilttle better to FHS and not to be so destructive by removing /opt/zimbra and possibly all your data! A bug report was raised by zimbra to address this.

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