I have been testing 4.0.5 for a few weeks now. Supposedly my manager will be buying a 100 user license today (but I have heard that before). Anyway I need to install and deploy to our production environment (which I am building right now). So I went to download a new trial version and I was not given the option of 4.5. The download link was for 4.0.5. I have read that the Outlook plugin for 2007 will be available for the 4.5 release in a little while and my manager told me to install 4.5 NE.

So how can I install the latest 4.5 with a trial license? I know ots easy to upgrade the license once we purchase one but it seems that everything I have seen in posts about 4.5 is the Open Source version.

Now ... our production environment will consist of a 64 bit machine and a 32 bit machine (not my decision) Will I be able to get both versions on the same license.