I am uncertain about what I should set as hostname during the installation of Zimbra. The hostname of my server is "zimbra.domain.ext" and I have created an A record and MX record for this hostname. I have read several other tutorials which state that I should configure "domain.ext" as my hostname.

I have tried both methods and when I configure "zimbra.domain.ext" this is also the domain name that is added to Zimbra during the installation which I find odd. Because then I have "admin@zimbra.domain.ext" instead of "admin@domain.ext" which is in my opinion more clean.

Is there any way to set this up properly e.g. separate the FQDN and the actual domain that would like to add to Zimbra? If not, what is the preferred method using "zimbra.domain.ext" or just "domain.ext" during installation? Because when I only use "domain.ext" and I view someone else's account I get redirected to "http://domain.ext/" but I would like it to be "http://zimbra.domain.ext/".

I hope my question is clear. Basically it comes down to Zimbra treating the FQDN of the server as the domain name also while I believe these are to separate things.

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