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    Default Paid installation and setup

    Hi everyone, I've decided to proceed with purchasing Zimbra (PRO) Collaboration Suite licensing and have tried with no luck to get somebody from sales on the line for a consultation about how to proceed including the possibility of paying Zimbra's team to get me up and running.

    I'll like to expand a bit more about what my current scenario is considering that installation is to be done over a dedicated server running CentOS and domain to be used already have some email accounts created (using Exim MTA) that will need to me migrated. Some suggested to just use IMAP synch to take care of mailbox migration but ultimately I'll consider paying expert professionals to help me with the set up.

    Thank you.

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    I would assume that someone from Zimbra would be willing to help.

    If you are looking for consultants with Zimbra experience and knowledge to help, others may post to let you know if they are available to help. Other than that, feel free to PM me with more details if you are looking for someone to handle the project for you.
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    Hi Krishopper and thank you for your reply... I appreciate you taking the time to email back but to be honest the lack of interest showed by Zimbra so far has been disappointing to me in the sense that I've been trying to contact sales department both on line and via regular phone with no luck for more than a week although I've mentioned my interest on proceeding with purchasing their PRO licensing right away, all I was needing back was to talk to someone there that guides me over the SALES process....

    I mean... If I'll pay for support -which I'm determined to do btw- I might be willing to pay Zimbra to do the set up for me to start with (within reasonable terms of course) that way we'll know it was all done correctly therefore no surprises when it came the time for support (under the licensing agreement) right?
    And that's the point where I say that is being disappointing not being able to engage with sales team to quote me for complete set up

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    Hi Ricarod,

    What exact help you need?

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