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Thread: Problem in installing zimbra in suse 10.1

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    Default Problem in installing zimbra in suse 10.1

    Hi supporters,

    We are using Linux (SUSE10.1) on “Microsoft Virtual PC 2004” and have been trying to get zimbra (Network Edition) installed but it prevent us to do so and prompting an error.

    Installed packages:

    1)zimbra-core---- zimbra-core-4.0.5_GA_518.SUSEES9-20061218035992.i386.rmp (done)
    2)zimbra-idap---- zimbra-idap-4.0.5_GA_518.SUSEES9-20061218035992.i386.rmp (done)
    3)zimbra-logger---- zimbra-logger-4.0.5_GA_518.SUSEES9-20061218035992.i386.rmp (done)
    4)zimbra-mta---- zimbra-mta-4.0.5_GA_518.SUSEES9-20061218035992.i386.rmp (done)

    Failed Package:

    1)zimbra-snmp---- zimbra-snmp-4.0.5_GA_518.SUSEES9-20061218035992.i386.rmp (failed)

    I am enclosing the screen shot with this email. Hope this will help you to figure out the problem.

    Kindly assist us to resolve this problem.

    Aneel Ansari
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