I have many questions regarding the possibility to mix OSE + NE setups for different purposes and I have some troubles finding the right answers so please excuse me if this has already been answered before.

First, let me explain the context : we are using Zimbra 7.2.0 OSE for about 500+ mailboxes and more than 200 active users.
Everything is running smoothly but we have been asked to give MAPI and ActiveSync access to a few users (about 25).
We are investigating the possibility to install a Zimbra NE for these users so that they can do whatever they want with their Outlook and their mobiles.

So here are my questions :

  • Is it possible to mix a Zimbra OSE and NE installation but with the NE sharing the same domains and groupware elements that those from the OSE ? (ie. can a user on the NE be able to share elements with someone on the OSE or the contrary ? Can the user on the NE be able to have an email on the same domain than the OSE as we would like not to have to create a dedicated subdomain for this ? I heard things about Split Domains but to me, Split Domains are more like relays between 2 servers serving the same domain but it seems to me that those 2 instances, except for that relay, are perfectly separated and this is not exactly what I want).
  • Is it possible to mix Zimbra 8 NE and Zimbra 7 OSE with that kind of settings ?
  • If not, is it still possible to subscribe to a Zimbra 7 NE ?

Many thanks for any help you can give me.