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Thread: Multible LDAP Servers point to the Mailstore Server

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    Default Multible LDAP Servers point to the Mailstore Server


    I got 2 LDAP 2 MTA but 1 mailstore server . When i initial setup thr mailstore server, I find the 2 MTA can be point to the mailstore initial setup.BUT ldap cannot , it cannot verify the two ldap servers
    the 2 LDAP is also MASTER LDAP server and already configure replication.

    i tried input , , but password cannot verfied ...only single entry canbe input.

    Any idea? so if one side fail it will auto use another side,

    Common configuration

    1) Hostname: abc
    2) Ldap master host:
    3) Ldap port: 389
    4) Ldap Admin password: set
    5) LDAP Base DN: cn=zimbra
    6) Secure interprocess communications: yes
    7) TimeZone:
    8) IP Mode: ipv4
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