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Thread: Any Mutliserver guide to config , mulit MTA, Multi LDAP , Multipe mail box?

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    Default Any Mutliserver guide to config , mulit MTA, Multi LDAP , Multipe mail box?


    I already read the multiserver guide but no hints for my config . i got 2 mta , 2 Ldap servers and one mailbox server.

    If using the server wizard t initiation to config ,I found the setting is point to one server only. No entries for config 2 ldap / 2 mta ..(must only one)

    How to make the mailbox server recognise the 2 X MTA , 2X LDAP? , those MTA set point to the mailboz server. but LDAP dont know how ...the 2X ldap already Master and doing replication . Assume one fail it auto failover , but the mailbox server can only one entry specify.

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    After you finish installation, you can use zmlocalconfig to set the ldap_url value.
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