I have a box powered with PA-RISC processor running HPUX 9i and have Oracle 9i database running on it. For years, the box is idle and only used a day in a month, so I though it would be better if it was used as an MTA serving users on my local network which also connected to our headquarter on another city through VPN. Our headquarter have an Zimbra MTA running on Linux which serve all employee including us.
So, things I'd like to ask are :
1. Is it possible to install a version of Zimbra as an MTA on my obsolete HPUX machine
2. IF 1 is possible then how to make Zimbra MTA on HPUX collaborate with Zimbra on Linux located on headquarter ?

Sorry for language coz I'm newbie to MTA and Zimbra, and have no experience on this subject. Hopefully I can have a HPUX MTA running on machine.

Thank you in advance