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Thread: Problems installing ZCS-8.0.5 on a small VPS (Ubuntu 12.04LTS_64)

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    Default Problems installing ZCS-8.0.5 on a small VPS (Ubuntu 12.04LTS_64)

    I have a VPS(new install, 12.04LTS) and I'm trying to install ZCS 8.0.5 OSE. The installation goes to plan, but for some reason the installation starts to get painfully slow. When the installation completes, I su zimbra and check the status. Both zmconfigd and zmamavisdctl are not running. I checked Clam and it is apparently out of date, how on earth is a fresh install out of date?

    Everything is painfully slow and then the disk usage maxs out at 12Gb (this should be plenty of room for my purposes). I cant access the admin interface https://mail.mydomain.con:7071 but I can connect to localhost 7071 so the port seems to be open. I have performed a fresh install 3 times now and get the same results.

    /opt/zimbra/zmstat is using about 8GB of disk space

    Anyone any suggestions as to what is wrong?
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