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Thread: Need Pre-Implementation questionnaire.

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    Default Need Pre-Implementation questionnaire.

    Hi All,

    We are a hardware vendor based out of Chennai ( India). We see many of our clients are looking out to move to Zimbra mail server. So, We have added Zimbra implementation to our offerings. Looking at our customer requirement we hired a Linux architect experienced in implementing Zimbra. But, now the problem is one of our client is quickly wanted to move to zimbra and he wanted us to implement 280 mail boxes. As the person we hired would be joining us in next 25 days. i wanted to have a questionnaire to send out to the client regarding the mail implementation and need your help here. Also it would be great if some one can help us know the pitfalls for a new Zimbra implementation.

    Thank you,

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    Well Skudarav, can you be a little specific about your requirements.What exactly you want to know and Have you searched Forums for the similar threads.If you are a Network edition customer you can simply open a case with Zimbra Support! .To get the right answer on forums you need to be specific and you need to research before posting .
    Always ready to help.

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    Hi Raun,

    Thank you for the reply. First of all am very new to Zimbra and i do not have any tech guy working for us now. We are a premium HP partners( server and storage). Now that we see many of our clients who are using qmail, google apps and other mailing solutions are asking us if we can implement Zimbra for them. looking at the volume of enquiries we are getting in we have hired a senior linux resource who have hands on experience on Zimbra implementation and it would take another 20 days for him to join us. We have got 2 clients of ours who are asking us to send a implementation questionnaire. So now my question is, what would be the best questions to send them as a pre-installation questionnaire. I badly need you/Forum members help here. Hope i made it clear.

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