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Thread: zmprov mc default zimbraFeatureNotebookEnabled TRUE

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    Default Is there any solution for this

    I have two problems, one exactly the same as this one and the other probably related.

    First my situation:

    I have one working OSS zimbra installation on which receives our external email (through firewall). I create backups of this server daily as mentioned in the wiki (rsync base, stop services, rsync diff, start services, tar rsync target, scp to safe location). This setup is on an older server and was for evaluation purposes.

    Now we want to host the server externally and therefor bought a new server with plenty of specs (quad core, 8 Gb ram, 160 Gb mirrored disks).
    I have followed the Wiki for moving to another server. The server temporarily uses the address and has its own bind9 server running locally to supply the correct values for the domain (instead of the real values from the internet):
    1. installed OS: Ubuntu server 6.10
    2. installed Zimbra
    3. test this clean install -> WORKS
    4. removed the zimbra directory
    5. untarred the latest backup file of the other server
    6. install again to 'upgrade' the installation

    And here the first problem occurs with the following message:

    Initializing Documents...
    *** Running as zimbra user: /opt/zimbra/bin/zmprov mc default zimbraFeatureNotebookEnabled TRUE
    ERROR: zclient.IO_ERROR (invoke Connection refused, server: localhost) (cause: Connection refused)
    Also checking the services the mail

    	antispam                Running
    	antivirus               Running
    	ldap                    Running
    	logger                  Running
    	mailbox                 Stopped
    		zmmailboxdctl is not running
    	mta                     Running
    	snmp                    Running
    	spell                   Running
    	stats                   Running
    You will see that the mailbox (zmmailboxdctl) is not running. In the zmmailboxd.out file I see the following errors:

    Could not reserve enough space for object heap
    *** glibc detected *** free(): invalid pointer: 0xb7dbf310 ***
    Error occurred during initialization of VM
    Could not reserve enough space for object heap
    *** glibc detected *** free(): invalid pointer: 0xb7d84310 ***
    I guess this should be related.
    I have looked at a lot of threads and wiki pages but none of them seems to have a solution for this problem.

    I have the feeling something is wrong with the ldap authentication but I have not enough experience to find it (yet).

    I really hope someone can help us with this problem

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    Default New info

    I just found out that when I use:

    sudo -u zimbra ../bin/zmprov -l mc default zimbraFeatureNotebookEnabled TRUE

    (note the -l parameter to use ldap instead of soap) is working correctly

    I was under the impression that zmprov was doing direct ldap modifications but apparently it defaults to using the SOAP interface.

    For me this means that the source of the problem is that the web server is not correctly starting. But why?!??!?

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