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Thread: Can Zimbra be an SMTP server? POP, IMAP, Spam controls, etc.

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    Default Can Zimbra be an SMTP server? POP, IMAP, Spam controls, etc.

    I've been looking at Zimbra on and off over the years but cannot confirm if it could be used as a stand alone SMTP server?

    For many years, I've been using traditional linux SMTP servers for multi-domain hosting but when I came across this, I thought how interesting would it be to change out the SMTP server for something with so much more to offer. I know of a number of customers who have looked at zimbra also.

    I would need all of the usual SMTP functions, POP, POPS, IMAP, IMAPS, webmail and full spam control by it's users.

    Anyhow, would love some input, thanks.

    PS: Yes, I read the community documentation, the features list, etc etc. So please, don't respond in an unwelcoming way asking me if I searched, I have and now it's time to ask the community for some input which I will most definitely appreciate. Sarcasm, I don't appreciate. (this obviously to the person who responded then deleted their response).

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