I'm in a bit of a quandry with loading Zimbra onto a new Dell PowerEdge SC 430. I have been able to successfully load FC4 without any problems. I followed the instructions on loading with FC4 and ran into problems with out of memory errors running the install. I did the yum update, installed additional packages required, turned off sendmail, firewall, etc. Even went through uninstalling and reinstalling Zimbra to no avail. I noted in several posts that folks who continually had out of memory errors simply installed FC3 and those problems went away. So I tried loading FC3, and it doesn't have support for the ICH7 SATA drivers in my box, so not sure how to proceed at this point. Either I have to figure out how to install FC3 with the SATA drivers I need (no small task as I have searched for a solution in general to this problem), or I have to figure out how to get FC4 working on the box. Just FYI, it has 1Gig of RAM in it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.