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    I'm wondering ... Debian seems to me as the entreprise class OS. Since the management works as on a slow but confident basis (Hope i'm clear!), it's stable (so much) and thrustable. So, why isnt it consider as well and there's not Zimbra Network edition on Debian. I would by it now and I sure a couple of admin too.

    Someone as an opinion on one or the other point ?


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    Lightbulb OS Choice

    Quote Originally Posted by drez View Post
    Someone as an opinion on one or the other point ?
    You may want to look at this thread/poll and voice your opinion.

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    Default Debian Network

    We absolutely can't consider Network on Debian until they fix the bug that causes file permissions to get scrambled on unclean process shutdown. Search the forums for all the references to "Debian" and "zmfixperms" -- this is an ongoing headache that boils down to a serious Debian bug.

    Beyond that, it's a question of (a) demand and (b) support. It takes resources to support a new Network Edition port, so there has to be a large customer base asking for the port. And it's always better if there's a company out there providing paid support for the OS, as that way Zimbra isn't forced to support the OS as well as the Zimbra app.
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