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Thread: Message .msg and Outlook

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    Default Message .msg and Outlook


    After months of test with Zimbra Opensource, we decide to install another groupware ...... my direction decide this not me ........

    In store directory, I have copied all the message and want to inport them in Outlook because Outlook tells me that all the message are Outlook format

    But when I want to import them, I have this message :
    The file doesn't exist or i haven't the security credentials to open or this file is already in use in another application

    Si I have one question : how import the originally Zimbra store message in another application ( Outlook, Outlook express, thunderbird, ...... ) ?



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    The messages are stored on the zimbra server in mime format

    Look for them in /opt/zimbra/store

    You should be able to easily import them into your mail client/server.

    If you don't mind my asking, How may we improve? We are always looking for improvement options, and very much value our client's opinions.


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