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    I have a new PowerEdge Server, but want to know if I can store all of the data (index, store, data) on attached PowerVault. I am aware that the PV feels like overkill, but after doing the math today, it really isn't.

    Or would it be best to put all of Zimbra on the PV? I think I would like to have all of the apps (LDAP/Apache, etc.) stored on the internal disks and just all of the data stored on the PV, but I could easily be wrong.

    Thank you!

    - PowerEdge has approx 60 gigs free, PowerVault is 1.5+ tB

    I realize that the default folders for these items are: /opt/zimbra/index /opt/zimbra/db and /opt/zimbra/store
    I could link these I guess...

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