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Thread: KOrganizer calendar connectivity

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    Default KOrganizer calendar connectivity

    I use KOrganiser for calendaring and would like to have it use my newly installed Zimbra calendar. I've managed to get it to read the iCal file from Zimbra and display it, but I've had no luck getting it to write it back.

    What URL do I use to upload the modified iCal file back to Zimbra?

    I'm using to download.

    TIA. Pest.

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    I think that what you are really looking for is caldav support.

    Remote iCal viewing is read only, unless you use the outlook connector.

    There is an enhancement open for this, feel free to vote for it!


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    Arrow Vote for CalDAV support

    Apparently this is the bug to vote for.

    I am going to keep using evolution, but have to interact with the shared calendaring of Outlook MAPI and web UI users. I very highly desire this feature.

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