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Thread: 32 - bit to 64 - bit

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    Default 32 - bit to 64 - bit

    Network Edition user. I have a machine capable of 64-bit processing, but I installed Suse 10.1 at 32-bit. Installed Zimbra with the SuSE E9 4.5 release.

    My question....

    With regards to zimbra, if I install 10.2 at 64-bit, and download the a more appropriate version of zimbra to go with my SuSE 10.X desktop software, can I restore my backup for my working 32-bit server for my users and settings?

    And, does my current license for zimbra apply to whichever release I decide to run?

    A mouthful, my apologies.


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    Zimbra does not support running SLES9 version on openSuSE, you should not move to openSuSE 10.2 as it's not a supported platform. The only supported operating systems for Zimbra NE are RHEL4, SLES9 and MAC OSX - there is currently a versionfor SuSE 10 but support for that will be dropped when the SLES10 version of Zimbra is released. IMO, you'd be far better putting your efforts into getting a working and supported operating system platform that you won't have to change anytime soon.

    What would be the point of installing a 32bit software package like Zimbra on a 64bit operating system? The only 64bit version of Zimbra is for RHEL4, why don't you use that?


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