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Thread: 4.0.3 -> 4.5.1 upgrade

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    Default 4.0.3 -> 4.5.1 upgrade


    I tried, unsuccessfully, to upgrade from 4.0.3 to 4.5.0. After the upgrade, zmcontrol would report "Cannot determine services - exiting" when trying to status or start the server. I wound up rolling back from backups.

    I saw 4.5.1 is out, and was wondering if upgrading from 4.0.3 (though the installed debs say 4.5.0) was going to cause problems and if I can do a straight upgrade without losing email as I did the last time.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Storm16 View Post
    After the upgrade, zmcontrol would report "Cannot determine services - exiting" when trying to status or start the server.
    This is most likely because LDAP isn't starting. If LDAP doesn't start, the zmcontrol script can't determine if the rest of the servers are started.

    You should find out why LDAP isn't starting by looking in the /var/log/zimbra.log file for any errors (once you upgrade).

    Also, you can try to start LDAP manually, then run a zmcontrol start, and see if that gets you started.
    $su zimbra
    $ldap start
    $zmcontrol start
    $tail -100 /var/log/zimbra.log
    In short, it's gonna be okay to upgrade, and 4.5.0 and 4.5.1 won't make much of a difference. I'm willing to bet you're going to get the error on 4.5.1 too.

    You need to find out what's wrong with LDAP.

    Also, once you upgrade, run a zmlocalconfig and look to see if the ldap master is set to false. If it is, then that's probably your problem.

    Once you upgrade, let us know. We'll be here.

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