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Thread: Bouce delay time, Zimbra/Postfix

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    Default Bouce delay time, Zimbra/Postfix

    Does anyone know how to delay the time it takes Zimbra/Postfix to bounce a message that it can't deliver? I just setup Zimbra and got every thing working fine but I need to be able to delay the time it take Zimbra to send a message back if it can not deliver it.

    Any tips will help.

    thanks, Dallsop

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    Default man 5 postconf

    man 5 postconf contains all wisdom:
    bounce_queue_lifetime (default: 5d)
    The maximal time a bounce message is queued before it is considered
    undeliverable. By default, this is the same as the queue life time for
    regular mail.

    Time units: s (seconds), m (minutes), h (hours), d (days), w (weeks).
    The default time unit is d (days).

    Specify 0 when mail delivery should be tried only once.

    This feature is available in Postfix 2.1 and later.
    Bugzilla - Wiki - Downloads - Before posting... Search!

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    Default Bounce setting change

    Considering that Zimbra has its own configuration files and the like, how would one go about turning this sage knowledge into an actual configuration change. Is this something set through zmlocalconfig? Should a postfix configuration file get edited?


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    Currently, no & your right. If you upgrade, those will be lost.

    Sounds like an enhancement to me.


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