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Thread: dns issue with suse 10.2 and issue with bind

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    Maybe i need to get rid of this ? ->
    no no don't do that!!!

    lib incompatibility is common problem with openldap - they have a habit of changing apis fairly regularly (as do other projects). problem here is probably that your bind has been compiled against different ldap version and it's finding the zimbra one first so getting upset.

    first thing you can try: comment out your zimbra libs in /etc/ (well in /etc/ in your case i guess), then rerun ldconfig, then try loading bind. if this works, then uncomment the ld entries, rerun ldconfig and reload zimbra. this is an ugly hack, because you have to do it each time you run bind (you can put it in the init script to automate it). another hack might be to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH in the bind script to map specifically to /usr/lib, but i've found in the past linux isn't so predictable at honouring this.

    second thing is to load a version of bind without ldap support - chances are you don't want this anyway, the bind ldap sdb is not the easiest way to do things. you might be able to unload ldap support (rpm -qa |grep bind |grep ldap), if not find another 3rd party package somewhere with just vanilla bind, or if you're brave compile from source. Alternatively, and I would strongly recommend this, ditch the horribleness that is bind and run a decent nameserver, such as powerdns or djbdns!

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    i thank you for your great help, but i just installed fedora 6...
    Everything works fine now, and we're really happy with the installation.
    Thanks again


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