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Thread: M2: success on FC4 in Xen machine

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    Default M2: success on FC4 in Xen machine


    I just got M2 network edition working on FC4 in a Xen machine.
    What I did was make a very minimal FC4 install, and then install zimbra.

    I ran into the following issues:
    - fetchmail required
    - compat-libstdc++-33 required
    - compat-db required
    - required

    The solutions are quite straight-forward:
    - yum install fetchmail
    - yum install compat-libstdc++-33
    - yum install compat-db
    - ln -s /lib/ /lib/
    - ln -s /lib/ /lib/

    Then install zimbra.

    You will get warnings on fetchmail and libstdc++ during installation if they are missing; the compat-db was reported missing when stopping zimbra; not sure it is really needed.
    The libssl and libcrypto are known issues from M1.

    Now let's enjoy shared calendars!
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