because M1 decides to take over the entire box like an alien facehugger, I opted to use the zimbra mysql install and added my own databases, rather than try and fit zimbra onto the system mysql. before uninstalling and installing M2, i backed up /var/lib/mysql and restarted. however, i now find that for some reason this is very old data, has the zimbra mysql always been in /opt/zimbra/db/data? is this completely wiped on an uninstall? have i just lost all my data? grrr.

does the upgrade procedure work under any circumstances? i got the same errors as reported here by several other people, but I have a standard M1 install on RHEL4. how else is the upgrade supposed to work? was this ever tested before release?

i was considering buying network edition for several companies but I have serious doubts about the suitability of this software for production use. any idea when it will be classed as 'production ready'?