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Thread: Upgrade 3.1.4 GA -> 4.5.2 Network Edition on unsupported SLES 10 x86

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    Smile Upgrade 3.1.4 GA -> 4.5.2 Network Edition on unsupported SLES 10 x86

    I just finished a upgrading my 3.1.4 to 4.5.2 on my SLES 10 box. Here are the steps I used and some problems I had.

    1. Backup
    2. Pray
    3. Backup again just in case praying did not work
    4. Copy licence key
    5. Download and untar
    6. Run install script.
    7. 30 minutes later everything went fine.

    I do have some problems but they are the same as when I had 3.1.4
    1. Logger does not work
    2. Spell check does not work

    I originally did not install them but during the upgrade it asked if I want to so I did to test it out. Unfortunaley it did not fix my problems.

    The only other problem I am having is the new document system does not work. I wonder if you have a 150 user license and you have 149 users before the upgrade if the two spam accounts take a seat and make the document install fail.

    Best part about the new version is the detach button. Worst thing is detach is not in the right click menu or the default action if you double click a email.

    If anyone has some help about logger, spellcheck, documents on SUSE please advice.

    Backup does not work from CLI or Admin
    from cli Error occurred: Untrusted Server Certificate Chain
    from admin says i am over my licensing, i guess it does count the spam accounts.
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