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    Default How to Move Message Store and Index ...

    I want to move the store and index directories from their default location in /opt/zimbra to a different location.

    Here is what I did:

    1. Create New Directories
      mkdir /mnt/data/zimbra/store
      mkdir /mnt/data/zimbra/index
      chown /mnt/data/zimbra/store zimbra:zimbra
      chown /mnt/data/zimbra/index zimbra:zimbra
    2. Update the Store and Index Location
      In the Zimbra admin console, I navigate to Home > Configure > Servers > > Volumes. There I reassign the location of store1 and index1.

    The Problem:

    The problem is that the existing messages in the previous store and index locations do not move to the new location. Moreover, users cant load messages located in the old locations, instead they are met with the messages such as "Missing Blob for item 263."

    My Question:

    What is the right way to move the message store and index location? Moreover, how can I move /opt/zimbra/db and /opt/zimbra/log?
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