So, I've been using Zimbra for some time now and it's going great, but we are seriously looking into upgrading the the full Network Edition product.

I just decided to go ahead and download the 60 day eval and install it on my smaller home installation so I could practice in advance of deploying it at work when I noticed a problem.

Both my home/development system and the work/production system run on Open Suse 10.0, both are at Zimbra 4.5.1. The problem is that I only see versions of the NE for SLES9 and RHEL4, I'm not interested in ubuntu as it's early days there.

So, how on earth would I go about upgrading to NE?

Can I backup the current install, format the server with a supported OS, install zimbra NE, restore backup of OSS on the NE to get the data back and then reinstall the NE? Sounds like the only way, but feels like a cludge.

Also, given that funds for the IT dept are always tight, and that NE has a cost to it, why do I have to run it on an OS that also has a cost? SLES and RHEL aint free, right?

If the OSS version runs on such a range of distributions, why is the NE so limited?

I'd really appreciate some feedback on this one, I've mailed the zimbra sales team about pricing but had no response yet, but if the upgrade to NE is best part of impossible, that wont matter!

Also, any chance of Zimbra giving very limited versions of NE to existing customers? By this I mean that if we upgrade the 50 user version in work to NE and pay for it, it would be handy to get a second license that supports like three accounts only so I could put it on my home server, this allows me to become more proficient with the product, just as I do with the OSS. Hey, it's an idea.