Hi there,

I have a user with 75.000 emails in her inbox.

She wants to…

delete all emails prior to 31/12/2012 (a 'large portion of the 75.000 e-mails')
move all e-mails from 1/1/2013 - 31/12/2013 to a folder called OLD INBOX

…and keep the rest, e.g all emails from this year.

Can anybody give me any ideas of how this could be done?

Setting up the account in an email client is not viable
Doing it in webmail would possible if it could allow me to see emails either 'separated by year' or indeed 'show 20.000 emails per page'. The current 100 is a bit low..
Synchronise one account with another using imap sync, where perhaps it is possible to do so from-to a set of dates, and then delete the other account?

I have searched the forums, and it looks to me that Zimbra would do good at implementing this as a feature in the Admin GUI, baring in mind the number of posts in the matter.
Call it "e-mail management" and when selected, choose account, select date interval and action (delete / archive / move).

I use the Open Source version of Zimbra, 8.0.7.

Any ideas of how I would proceed?