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Thread: Editorial: TAKE TIME TO BACKUP

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    Quote Originally Posted by czaveri View Post
    I am not aware if rsync-ing to the same backup directory more than once, will works. This must be tested. So, I would add, backup to a different directory everytime and rotate backups to save space.
    I run rsync nightly, to the same directory, without running into any issues. Of course there are some configurations within rsync to keep in mind when going the route of one backup directory versus rotation, mainly regarding the fact that you want to tell rsync to delete files within the backup directory that are not within the source directory. I dont believe it is on by default, so something to keep in mind.

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    This link should really help those looking for an OSE backup solution locally or across a network. It's a full script and you just have to apply user/passwd and path to share:

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    Default how do you use the opt/zimbra to back up

    say I have another zim instance running. is there a way to copy the opt/zimbra file to the new instance to recreate the data?

    How is the opt/zimbra file used to recover>?

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