I apologize in advance for the basic nature of some of these questions. I have gone through the docs, wiki's and forums and still need some help. I am a Windows guy and need some help moving into the Linux world.

The server we will be using to start is hosted by ServerBeach, box is running ES4 and access is through webmin and SSH. Is there any documentation available on setting up Zimbra using only SSH and command lines for both server preparation and installation? Or a combination of webmin and SSH?

(I have installed Zimbra without any errors except for the FQDN as the original record did not have the proper DNS settings. After changing the FQDN to something with the proper settings the installation and configuration completed without any errors but I was unable to access anything via a web browser. I will uninstall Zimbra and Re-install once I am sure the server is setup correctly.)

Here is where I am to date. The server has been made available using the FQDN like site.mysite.com. We really don't want to use that for Zimbra and we have prepared another domain name we want to use. This domain is not a subdomain but a regular newsite.com name. All of the records for the DNS will point to the Zimbra server. After reading the DNS in a Nutshell post I'm still not clear on what I need to change to make this work before we do the installation. Everything I have seen about the etc/hosts file has the subdomain prefix after the site.mysite.com. The hosts file looks like this:
# Do not remove the following line, or various programs
# that require network functionality will fail. localhost.localdomain localhost
xx.xx.xx.xxx site.mysite.com site

If I want to use just mysite.com do I just leave the "site" out of the host file? What other files do i need to edit?

My next question is around ports. I see the port list thats needed to be opened but need to know the best way to open and close ports either though webmin or a command line. Also how do you handle the IP configuration section of the installation using only SSH or webmin, or do I even need to worry about that.

Using webadmin I have disabled Apache and sendmail which are the two things that i could find that seem to cause problems, but as indicated earlier, even after the install completed it was like there was no webserver running. Before disabling apache I could access the server at the domain name and the standard "Apache" server pages displayed.

I'm sure I'll have many more stupid questions, so thanks for your help and patience.