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Thread: Installing in a RHEnt4 Just a Calendar

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    Default Installing in a RHEnt4 Just a Calendar


    I'm new on this forum...

    I've just recently discover zimbra as our company has decided to get a coorporative calendar. I haven't fount any other open source products able to satisfy our objectives. We would like to find a product able to run a Web Calendar and, in the future, we may introduce the email and everything else. It has to be connectable from SunBird and Mozilla Calendar.

    I've already tested Zimbra Open Source. I was able to add just the admin user and it works fine.

    Right now we just want to test Calendar and we don't want to use any DNS nor especial features, just to make a demo to our Management. But, of course we need to use a least 3 user so we will migrate to Network Edition Trial.

    The problem is that the installation doesn't work properly without DNS and stuff like that. Actually, everytime I restart the machine it says I'm gonna have problems with my /etc/hosts.

    My hosts is: localhost.localdomain localhost
    10.x.x.x OurHipoteticName

    Does anybody know ho to run just the Zimbra Calendar?

    thanks in advances for your response


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    Quote Originally Posted by xiquetam View Post
    Does anybody know ho to run just the Zimbra Calendar?
    You can't do that, Zimbra is a complete package and not pieces - they work together and email is integral to that solution.


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    thanks for your answer.

    Actually, the first time I've installed Zimbra it works just the calendar but since I restarted the Server I can't stop having problems...DNS wrong, Hostname hasn't exist, etc...

    It's not possible to run zimbra inhabilitating everyting apart from the calendar, isn't it?

    Could anybody suggest any other open source tools, that has the look and feel of zimbra? I'm just trying to avoid using Exchange...I reckon you understand me, don't you?


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