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Thread: install without dns mx config?

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    Default install without dns mx config?

    i am asking this b/c i didnt have this hurdle in the past. i dont know if its my error or something is diff w/ newest zimbra os ver.

    i have a running zimbra os ed 8.0.7 on ubuntu 10.04. my own hardware. public static IP from ISP. dns & mx all configured at registrar for & all working.

    i want to migrate to zimbra os ed 8.0.7 on ubuntu 12.04 on a hosted vm, with a new public static IP from the cloud provider. probably use zextras migration tool to do it. afterward (or right before) issue dns/mx update w/ registrar so the 48-72 hr dns propagation begins. obviously i'm trying to time it to minimize mail server downtime during the migration.

    i've done this in the past but i owned both the old & new server boxes then (not sure if that matters). today when i try to install zimbra on the cloud vm server, i get all the dns failure errors (ldap wont start etc). i have & w/ the public IP in /etc/hosts, but the new zimbra install looks to dns & finds my current server.

    is there no way for me to install the zimbra server on the vm 1st, then issue the dns updates? i know the actual mail wont go to the new server for 48-72 hrs. but i cant even get the new server to just install zimbra. i dont recall it checking for dns/mx validity in past versions. or maybe i just forgot.

    i dont need split dns & all that. its a public IP, not pvt. i just want min down time for the migration. i think i achieve that by installing the new server 1st w/o errors or issues, then submit dns updates, then shutdown old server & migrate data over w/ zextras tool.

    am i wrong? is there a better way?

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    I think your problem is more basic. LDAP doesn't care about DNS. It does care about being able to resolve to itself. Whenever I've installed ZCS in a public cloud, the private IP address of my server and the public IP address assigned to that server are different. If you execute an ifconfig command to find the ip address of your internal NIC and put that address in /etc/hosts in the form I bet LDAP will fire up.

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    I do this when I want to replicate my production system across to a test VM. I use dnsmasq on the server and tell the OS to use localhost as the resolver. That way it does not matter what the IP address is, nor the real hostname. The server always resolves itself to

    I found using /etc/hosts was not enough. Some services resolve using the nameserver and bypass /etc/hosts. dnsmasq is an answer in this case.

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    actually you guys are all correct. using aj cody's excellent wiki/guide, dnsmasq easily solves the problem.

    but turns out i solved it prior by just re-ordering the aliases in my /etc/hosts as follows: localhost.localdomain localhost
    74.x.x.x mail alias
    74.x.x.x couldhostalias

    before the cloud host's line preceded mine. it work immediately after the fix.

    i already propagated the DNS so its all moot now. but thanx for the informative replies; others will surely benefit.

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