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    Default Active Directory/LDAP

    Because Zimbra is such an awesome solution, I decided to use it to save my school from exchange.

    Now I have just one issue that I'm not sure about.

    We run a Windows 2K3 Domain controller with Active Directory, Zimbra runs from an Ubuntu Linux Box.

    I am looking to authenticate my Zimbra users against Active Directory, I know how to do this, but my Q is, Will it import all the users from active directory and create mailboxes for them, or will I have to do this manually? Or is there some way to import users?

    NB: we did not have exchange running previously, so the exchange migration wizard won't help us.

    Thanks in advance,
    Darren Carter

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    You'll have to create the users manually, you can script it (have a look in the wiki for migration article).


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