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    Default Redirect Loop

    I just tried the Network Edition on CentOS 4.2. It works like a champ, except for one oddity (which may or may not have anything to do with CentOS).

    I go to this url:

    After clicking "login", it ends up dropping the "/mail", and goes into an infinite redirect loop.

    However, if I add a parameter to the end of the url (any parameter... I started with "?debug=1", but later tried "?foo=1", it doesn't chop off the end of the url, and ends up working fine.

    Nothing shows up in /var/log/zimbra.log.

    In /opt/zimbra/log, it shows many events similar to the following:

    2005-11-16 15:10:57,612 DEBUG [http-80-Processor96] 
     SoapEngine - dispatch: doc NoOpRequest
    I'd give you any debugging output by passing in debug=1 in the url, but that's exactly what prevents the issue from occurring :-)

    However, using the live http headers plugin for Firefox, I did capture what's being sent to and from the server, and attached it to this post (I changed the domain name to "", but everything else is exactly the same). You can see the first two requests, which go to /zimbra/soap and /zimbra/auth. After that, it just keeps calling /zimbra/mail (with varying parameters), receiving a "302 Temporarily Moved" error each time.

    From this same desktop, using the same browser, I can access another Zimbra server I have that's running the M2 OSS product. Both are running CentOS 4.2. Both were installed from scratch (not upgraded). The only difference I know of is that the one which is acting oddly is the Network version, the one running the OSS version is fine (but again, adding a parameter to the url "fixes" it).

    If there's any additional output I can provide, just let me know.

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