I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm wondering if anyone has seen this problem.. I'm sure I'm just missing something simple-

I've set up external auth, and external GAL, using our existing LDAP server. It's working for auth, and I can log in correctly, but the GAL is giving me trouble.

I created users for each member of our existing LDAP server, using a script to run through ldapsearch, and use zpmrov to create the new account.
It then does authentication from the existing LDAP server, and works great.

When I set up the GAL, I gave it the information for the existing LDAP server, and set up the filters. The "test" option works- I can do a search for a username and get it, I can do a search for a position or e-mail address, and get that..
I'm certain that that much is working correctly, since it gives me the full card information, not just telling me if it has found the user or not. (Ie, I can search by Job title, and get the users back, etc)

When I log in to a client account though, and do a search, I don't get any users in the GAL- Using the find bar, with GAL selected doesn't return anyone.. No one shows up under To, when GAL is selected, even if I try a search.

Does anyone have any idea what's wrong? Do I somehow need to tell Zimbra to use the GAL I set up for this user? Do I need to change my search?

Any advice appreciated.