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Thread: Nokia / Symbian connetor issue

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    Default Nokia / Symbian connetor issue


    I have a zimbra network edition with the zimbra mobile installed.

    Invaild host address please correct the Exchange server information in the profile and try again.

    Clearly I am getting something wrong, however I find the wiki and zimbra documentation has not assisted me in resolving this.

    The server is behind a firewall and the ports recommended in the documentation are forwarded.

    I have a nokia e61 with (what I think is) the latest nokia Mail for Exchange connector, I have tried the full resync as suggested in the wiki.

    I have put the dns name of the server and the ip address in host address.

    I am not sure if I have the domain settings right in the connector setup on the phone, I have tried both and

    Any help would be welcome.


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    Hi john,

    i have no problem with mail for exchange / zimbra / E61 sync.

    MFE is currently version 1.6

    If your zimbra store server is,
    then in MFO you should have :

    Exchange server :
    secure connection : Depends if you setup https or not to access your simbra server. If yes, you need to install your certificate on your E61 to avoid any problem.

    Use default port :yes

    Username : you dont need to put your full e-mail adress
    password :
    domain :

    Let me know if you still have a problem.

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