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    Default Firewall issues

    Hi, I've searched and searched. I have started testing Zimbra, I like so far. I have a fresh install of SLES 10 and Zimbra. All working well. No problem with access for admin or users via web or mozilla etc. Anyone can send/rec email, calenders. The problem I have is when I reactivate the firewall. I have opened all the ports stated in the wiki, 25,80,110,143,389,443,993,995,7025,7071,7306,7307, 7780,10024,10025. I even opened TCP and UDP ports. I have the firewall set to manual. After a reboot all is fine, I switch it on and everyone is locked out. Apologies if a bit of a noob Q. Only just getting used to Linux and email in general. I'm using SUSE cos its the one I prefer, but can change if really necessary.

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    Welcome to the forums.

    Is this a Network Edition or OSS install? The recommendation is not to enable a firewall or SElinux (Apparmor on SuSE?) on the Zimbra server as it can cause problems. There are several threads on the forums about firewalls that may help but my recommendation would be to leave it off.


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    Thanks for reply. Its an OSS installation. OK I disabled the apparmour and its working now. Thanks. I thought would be something simple.
    The problem I do have which wasnt a main one is the logger. When logged in as admin it says 'data are not yet available'. If I run the 'zmcontrol status' command it says all is running except spell

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