Hi, I've searched and searched. I have started testing Zimbra, I like so far. I have a fresh install of SLES 10 and Zimbra. All working well. No problem with access for admin or users via web or mozilla etc. Anyone can send/rec email, calenders. The problem I have is when I reactivate the firewall. I have opened all the ports stated in the wiki, 25,80,110,143,389,443,993,995,7025,7071,7306,7307, 7780,10024,10025. I even opened TCP and UDP ports. I have the firewall set to manual. After a reboot all is fine, I switch it on and everyone is locked out. Apologies if a bit of a noob Q. Only just getting used to Linux and email in general. I'm using SUSE cos its the one I prefer, but can change if really necessary.