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Thread: Editing Zimbra without a CLI

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    Default Editing Zimbra without a CLI


    I'm relatively new to Zimbra, and the task of IT support (not my main field by any means) has fallen on my shoulders at my new job. Unfortunately I do not have much to work with from my predecessors. The external IT companies simply ignored existing issues, so hopefully some kind soul can answer my questions with as much patience as possible.

    These questions probably don't fall under the installation forum, but it's basically a new installation for me.

    Firstly, I'm assuming we're using an older version of Zimbra (free) that has not received any updates, and refuses to acknowledge that any updates might exist. From what I can tell it was first installed in July of 2010. I've got access to the admin console through, and have explored it's functionality as much as possible. I cannot seem to get any sort of CLI utility access. VMware Vsphere client is installed, but will not grant me access to the zimbra server. I get a "could not connect" message that "vSphere Client could not connect with the vCenter Server. Details: The server could not interpret the communication from the client. (The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.)"

    I can access the host machine for the virtual server with vSphere, but this doesn't seem to provide me with any functionality.

    There are really only two things I'd like to do at the moment.

    1) Whitelist a domain for incoming mail that is routinely going to the Junk folder. I can fix it in the admin console by setting my Tag Percent very high, which then allows all sorts of spam into my inbox. I just haven't found a way of actually using any of the existing CLI commands since I can't figure out how to use CLI.

    2) Delete roughly 67k message from my admin inbox about backup issues that I will attempt to resolve at a later date. Again, I've seen some great CLI commands, but I seem to be limited in that regard.

    I've been digging through the forums but am probably missing the obvious. Is there a recommended 3rd party software that I can download to gain CLI control? Is there a way to do all this through the browser? Please forgive my ineptitude with linux based commands.

    Thank you!

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    You must have ssh access to the zimbra server, do you have the login credentials for that server?


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    I thought I did, but they do not seem to work. I've got a username and password for the admin web access, and a different set for accessing the virtual mail server, but they do not allow access. I get the above failure to connect message regardless of the credentials I'm entering through Vsphere. I can use it to connect to the virtualized server that the mail server is stored on, it's a different ip address and has its own u/n and password different from those provided by the previous IT company (who couldn't access it either). This machine does have a "mail" client listing, but does not allow me to do anything with it. There is a console window I can access that cannot be edited or utilized as far as I can tell. I believe there is an option to start and stop services. Do I need to stop services before I can make changes or utilize a CLI?

    Thank you,


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