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Thread: newbie Q...first time install/setup

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    Question newbie Q...first time install/setup

    The install/setup of the Open Source Ed looks simple-enough.

    I'm a Linux user, but I haven't setup a mail server just yet.

    Are there any posts/URLs to adequately securing the installation post-install? For example, does the default Zimbra config allow it to be an "open relay" (sounds bad)?

    Why no firewall install recommended? Although this server will be behind a firewall, I don't see the reason to allow all ports open to everyone by default.

    Basically, please forgive the newbie questions and let me know where I should go to help myself figure this out? (I know that stmt opens-me-up for a couple of wisecracks...)

    Thanks in advance,

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    1) Zimbra is NOT open relay by default
    lots of docs based on our install are avail at above link
    3) u can always search the board for any questions you may have


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    Thanks so much for your quick reply!

    I'll try the install and then come back with specific questions (and promise to search first).

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