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Thread: Multi server install settings

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    Default Multi server install settings

    I'm trying to install Zimbra Enterprise using two servers and I'm having a little trouble. I'm trying to install the packages as follows:

    Server 1:

    Server 2:

    I've been following the minti-server install instructions but something's not adding up. When I try to complete the installation on Server 2 I'm never given the option to apply the settings. All I get is the message:
    "Address unconfigured (**) items or correct ldap configuration (? - help)"

    Well, there are no unconfigured items, the LDAP master host is set to server 1 using the password obtained by a "zmlocalconfig -s ldap_root_password", and I'm not getting any errors. Here's what I'm seeing.

    Main menu

    1) Hostname: server2
    2) Ldap master host: server1
    3) Ldap port: 389
    4) Ldap password: set
    5) zimbra-store: Enabled
    6) zimbra-snmp: Enabled
    7) zimbra-logger: Enabled
    8) zimbra-spell: Enabled
    r) Start servers after configuration yes
    s) Save config to file
    x) Expand menu
    q) Quit

    Address unconfigured (**) items or correct ldap configuration (? - help)

    What am I missing?

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    wrong pw, use the zimbra_ldap_password
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    I gave that a shot but it returns the same password. Both of these commands are returning the same thing:

    zmlocalconfig -s zimbra_ldap_password
    zmlocalconfig -s ldap_root_password

    It's not working like it's explained in the multi-server installation guide. On step 4 of the Mailbox server instructions it says the following:

    4. The Hostname is displayed. You must set the LDAP host and password configured on the LDAP server.
    • Type 2 and then type the LDAP host name.

    • Type 4 and then type the LDAP password.

    The server immediately contacts the LDAP server. If it cannot contact the server, you cannot proceed.

    It also shows a screen shot displaying the following:

    Checking ldap on :389...FAILED

    I have yet to see that message regardless of what server name I enter. I have not seen any status or error message of any kind. I am also able to successfully telnet from server2 to server1 on port 389.

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    Well, don't know what the problem was but it's fixed now. Server 1 had a full install on it so I re-installed it with only the items I needed and now both work. I do wish the documentation indicated where the LDAP status message actually appears (in zmsetup.log) as opposed to in the setup prompt as the screen shot indicates.

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