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Thread: ZimbraLDAP vs OpenLDAP

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    Default ZimbraLDAP vs OpenLDAP

    Since my organization has decided to move it's over to Zimbra, we thought me might take advantage of the world of LDAP. Now we are lucky enough to be able to install all of this from scratch. If we decide we want to take advantage of LDAP would the people out there in the Zimbra world recommend I go with a plain implementation of LDAP and integrate Zimbra into that. Or should I install ZimbraLDAP and integrate everything else into it.

    And yes I know Zimbra uses OpenLDAP version 2.2.28.

    Thanks for your recommendation it is much appreciated!

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    Depends. If your just reading from LDAP then you could just read from the Zimbra one. If your going to be adding attributes and need your own schema I think you'd be better off with your own OpenLDAP instance.

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    ldap is nothing more than a funky database. so if all you will be doing is storing the info that zimbra needs in your ldap tree's then go for zimbra only. but if you are going to store "path/to/home/dir", security info, blood type, and weight in ldap then i would not extend zimbras ldap but create my own ldap. not you will need to wither run ldap on a different server or on the same server on a different port.

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