To clarify - the upgrade script (not, but the script) should be setting ldap_is_master in the local config.

Is anyone seeing this NOT happen? If so, can you send us details? I'm going to be working the upgrade stuff into the installer, and would rather not include any more bugs than I absolutely have to

Also - we modified the way we're dealing with ldap in the local config in M2.

Previously, we had an ldap host and ldap port - if zimbra_server_hostname eq ldap_host, we'd start ldap.

Now, we're setting an ldap_url (ldap://hostnameort) and ldap_master_url to tell the services where to find ldap, and an ldap_is_master boolean to indicate whether or not to start ldap.

Here's why - on startup of the ldap master, there's no way to determine, from ldap, what services to start - so we special case the ldap start. (On ldap replicas, we ask the master what to start). With the switch to ldap_url (which can be a list of replicas), there's no real way to determine, based on zimbra_server_hostname, if ldap is supposed to run on a particular box.